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Industrial technology

I4.0 in South Tyrol

dr. Johannes Brunner 6 years ago - 18:09

The Stuttgart Region at a glance – Good Practices

dr. Andreas Findeis 6 years ago - 20:57

Innovation is our business

Christoph Reiss-Schmidt 6 years ago - 16:50

Efficient Knowledge Management on the Shop-floor

Hannes Walter 6 years ago - 10:59

Economist education with respect to adjustment to

PhD. Imre Varga 6 years ago - 14:40

Industry 4.0 – Demonstration factory project in

dr. Krisztina Bárdos 6 years ago - 13:06

New landscape and challenges of the economy in

dr. Balázs Barta 6 years ago - 11:55

Industrial structure and digitization – Hungary in

dr. Péter Ákos Bod 6 years ago - 25:33

Megnyitó - köszöntők

6 years ago - 13:40